Hello, I’m Antonia.

I’m a north London resident and currently live in Bounds Green (famous for featuring in a song by The Streets) in a house share, and divide my time between our north London pad and my boyfriend Nick’s flat up the road in Palmers Green. I love this city and everything it has to offer and I’m proud to call it my home. That said, I can’t resist escaping the capital from time to time to enjoy some downtime in the Hertfordshire countryside to visit my family, or a flight somewhere new.

I currently work as a consultant for a digital agency specialising in sport called Seven League in London, where I’ve been since May 2013 and I currently work full-time. This is where many of my travel opportunities have come from and has allowed me to fund the personal ones. 

My Blog
After my six months of unemployment in 2013 (don’t ask, it was horrendous), I went from not leaving the UK for two years to hopping on a plane at least once a month just over a year later – and I’m pleased to boast an impressive collection of stamps in my passport. My job involves helping some of the biggest sports clubs, teams and governing bodies worldwide improve their digital content offering and I travel a lot to work with them. 

I’ve travelled so much in the last three years that I thought it was about time to write about my experiences. My posts cover a mixture of both business and pleasure trips, purely reviewing how I’ve decided to spend my time away from the office. 

I wanted to highlight how some of the most beautiful pockets of the world are entirely accessible for all. No matter how social media may portray idyllic beaches, luxury hotels and high-end hot spots as achievable only to those with mega money, there are incredible hotels, experiences and eateries out there to suit every budget.

Right now, I find myself in the frustrating position of pretty much all Londoners my age – earning well but with absolutely no hope of getting on the property ladder any time soon.

At one point I was crippling my day-to-day happiness by worrying so much about saving for my own home, that I forgot to enjoy everyday living. Now I’ve gone completely the other way, and this blog is my tiny little slither of the internet where I plan to document my travels to inspire others.

I guess what I’m trying to say is do it. The world is accessible, so please spend your money and go and enjoy it – its worth every penny.

Antonia x