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Antonia De Feo

30-something Londoner enjoying everything life has to offer, visiting new places and spending time with the people I love.

Africa 29th April 2018

Enchanting Essaouira: a Chilled Moroccan Beach Break

I gave my self a little pat on the back for organising what turned out to be an excellent holiday itinerary for this trip. After an awesome but intense three nights in Marrakesh, I booked us in for a 4-day stay in Essaouira – Marrakesh’s more chilled out neighbour on the southern coast of Morocco. 

Africa 3rd October 2017

Madness in Marrakesh

Wow. Marrakesh – a sensation for the senses 24/7, and my word it is an absolutely bonkers place. There’s so much to cram in if you can hack the pace!

UK 26th April 2017

A Little Log Cabin on the North Devon Coast

At the age of 31 I didn’t think I’d be saying I’d never been to Devon before. A trip to Kent in February and a country walk past a huge windmill that had been converted into an AirBnB inspired me to get involved in the latest trend of staying in quirky remote countryside accommodation. This year’s Easter weekend felt like the perfect time to get away from the city and have a proper staycation. 

UK 29th June 2016

Glastonbury Festival I Love You So Much!

Glastonbury is my happy place. I’ve just got home from my third trip to Worthy Farm and my first with my boyfriend Nick, and I absolutely loved it. I forget about the real world and have a bloody good time exploring a world that only exsits for five days each year. Once again I was very lucky to get a ticket.

Europe 15th June 2016

A Birthday Surprise in Budapest

Picture this – your best mate lives in Dubai, so her boyfriend coordinates a surprise trip to Budapest for her 30th Birthday with her closest friends and her parents for a couple of nights.

I have never been so scared about screwing up a surprise in my life. Cue the avoidance of said friend on WhatsApp for approximately 3 weeks beforehand in fear that I might accidentally drop the bomb. Despite that, the excitement was pretty intense in the many secret group chats we had going on before our trip. It’s been a while since I’ve been on a jolly with the girls and I couldn’t bloody wait.

Europe 30th November 2015

Istanbul: Meat, Markets & a Marathon

When my good friend Laura suggested a weekend away to watch her take part in the Istanbul marathon I had the flights booked less than 48 hours later – its fair to say Turkey has been on my list for a very long time!

Booking so quickly was a no-brainer. Laura lives in Dubai and we don’t get to see each other very often, so a meet-in-the-middle in a new city was very appealing. We both love sport, so being there to cheer her on at points during her 26.2 miles of hell was a definite yes. Finally, the food.

Asia 10th October 2015

24 Hours in Tokyo

I’ve had a busy start to October travelling across Asia on business, taking in three countries and three cities in six days. One of which was Tokyo. 

I won’t bore you with the details of my work trip but our schedule meant we could afford to have a Saturday in the Japanese capital for some of leisure time before flying back to London. 

What on earth do you get up to in Tokyo when you’ve only got 24 hours to spare – where to start? Well my answer to that is the slightly strange but brilliant Kappabashi Street.