Enchanting Essaouira: a Chilled Moroccan Beach Break

Africa 29th April 2018

I gave my self a little pat on the back for organising what turned out to be an excellent holiday itinerary for this trip. After an awesome but intense three nights in Marrakesh, I booked us in for a 4-day stay in Essaouira – Marrakesh’s more chilled out neighbour on the southern coast of Morocco. 

Madness in Marrakesh

Africa 3rd October 2017

Wow. Marrakesh – a sensation for the senses 24/7, and my word it is an absolutely bonkers place. There’s so much to cram in if you can hack the pace!

A Romantic Getaway to the Perfect Island of Paxos

Europe 31st August 2016

Finally I’ve got round to writing about our week in paradise! Sorry for the delay, but this one will be worth waiting for. After a recommendation from friends and struggling to find a perfect summer holiday destination, Nick and I decided to go to Paxos, Greece.

North America 8th August 2015

Seattle Sights

I’ve heard many good things about Seattle but if I’m completely honest, I never thought I’d end up going there. That was until I booked a two-night stay at the end of my west-coast USA trip, the main reason being because it made my flight home from my San Francisco and Portland trip much cheaper. So after a brilliant weekend in Portland I made the four-hour journey to Seattle by train with Amtrak. 

North America 31st July 2015

Six Days in San Francisco

San Francisco was the first destination of my big Summer 2015 west-coast USA holiday. I booked up well in advance to spend a week staying with one of my best friends, Ali, who moved to California for a new job last year. Ali is a doctoral researcher at UC Berkeley and lives in the heart of city, and it was perfect to have one of my closest friends as the tour guide for my trip.

Asia 7th March 2015

A Girls’ Trip to Dubai

Dubai has never had much appeal to me as a holiday destination but when a good friend moved there in 2014 and I began to sample a bit of her lifestyle on social media, my opinion changed pretty quickly; it looked like a lot of fun. 

Looking for an excuse for a Spring getaway, I booked a weekend away with my good friends from school to visit Dubai for 3 nights in early March.